WKYT Investigates: Kentucky prison escapes

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - We've seen three inmates escape from Blackburn Correctional Complex this year - a dozen escape in the last three years. The prison seems to have a problem with them walking away.

In an ongoing WKYT investigation, Kristen Kennedy talks with the warden to try and figure out why they're having to hunt down a quarter of all escapees in the state.

Out of the 46 escapes in the last three years, 12 of them happened at Blackburn. That's 26% of all escapes coming from the prison located in Fayette County.

Prison leaders tell us that number is deceiving when you look at the total population of inmates .

"We've had over 5,000 inmates come through here in the last three years. And those 12 escapes comes out to less than one quarter of one percent," explains Warden Steven Haney.

Blackburn is a minimum security prison, meant for inmates who have less than four years left to serve.

"There's been a lot of successful inmates that have come and gone and gone to the streets and didn't walk off," Haney notes.

Haney is putting more measures in place to prevent escapes. Since he joined the staff at Blackburn Correctional Complex, he's taken a proactive approach. The warden expects his new, planned security measures to be in place early next month.

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