WKYT Investigates: Locations in Lexington where you're most likely to be hit by a car

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - WKYT has been telling you recently about incidents involving drivers hitting walkers. In the last month, we've reported two in Lexington, one in Danville, and another in Georgetown. So we decided to track the trend - where do Lexington police encounter the most drivers hitting walkers?

We pulled the records on every vehicle versus pedestrian call out Lexington police received in the last year. Close to 150 calls later, we found the top spots - the streets and intersections where police go most to respond to drivers hitting walkers.

"US 60-Versailles Road, Richmond Road-US 25, and there's 27 which is Nicholasville Road, and that's to include South Limestone from campus all the way down to Man-O-War," explains Lt. JJ Lombardi with Lexington Police.

Nicholasville Road is one of the worst for pedestrian versus vehicle call outs, and police think it's because of the combination of traffic on the road and on the sidewalks. Students dodge cars closer to campus and UK Hospital.

"I actually saw that this morning, we were waiting for the cross walk to come on and a guy went across before he was supposed to," noted pedestrian Jessica Bickwermert.

"Pedestrians should cross at a cross walk, legally they have the right-of-way there, and that where it's the safest. The problem arises when we have people that are taking short cuts across busy streets and major highways. The vehicles actually have the right-of-way. Henceforth, they're fair game," said Lieutenant Lombardi.

In the last year, more people have been hit trying to cross Richmond Road than any other road in the city. Records show police were out filing reports there a total of 12 times.

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