WKYT Investigates: Which intersection had most red light runner collisions?

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - WKYT is continuing the investigation on the most dangerous intersections in Lexington.

Monday we revealed which intersections in the city had the most crashes in 2012. Tuesday we dug deeper into our research and found which intersections had the most crashes caused by red light runners.

Running a red light is the reason behind most wrecks at intersections. In Lexington last year, there were more than 400 crashes because of it. That's at least one a day. Two spots around town tied for first with nine wrecks each at East Vine and Rose Street, and Harrodsburg Road at Man O War.

"A lot of it is just volume. Traffic volume that these intersections see. And propensity for people that try to get through those intersections. They're trying to beat the light in a lot of situations," explained Lexington Police Commander Thomas Curtsinger.

The third, fourth and fifth top red light running spots are Lowery Lane at Nicholasville Road, South Upper and West High Street, and South Broadway at West Vine. Staying cautious and slowing down could keep red light running numbers low for 2013.

"Regardless if you're at these intersections or at others, always just be mindful. It's just basic, good driving habits. Giving people enough time and enough space, to following distances. Obeying the speed limit, obeying traffic laws, and not texting and driving. Focusing on what you're supposed to be doing. Operating safely," listed Commander Curtsinger.

Leave a comment below on which intersections you feel are most dangerous. We're taking your input straight to Lexington police.

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