WKYT Investigates: New trend in gun ranges

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - With sales on the rise, gun owners are finding new ways to practice with their weapons. They're going beyond the traditional gun range. WKYT investigates the new trend in shooting - practicing at a range where real life scenarios pair up with real safety.

"It's scored on time and accuracy and it mimics practical shooting situations," explains range participant Zachary Harvey, "you're using your muscle memory from your draw, you're using your sight picture, you're also using your coordination to make magazine changes between each target."

Harvey says it's far more active, and more like real life than any other range in Lexington.

"If you have that gun and it's under your bed, and you never use it except when you take it to the static range, you're just gonna be firing at one target. That's what you're gonna be used to. Say you have to go downstairs in your basement and clear multiple threats, here you'll be able to use that muscle memory you develop."

Shooters run through a set of courses that switch up each week. They're clocked on the course for accuracy and speed, and attention to safety is key. Each shooter running the course is trailed by a trained leader, someone who watches the gun more than the targets.

"It makes you a smarter gun owner, it makes you more responsible, and it makes you more comfortable," notes Harvey. He expects the popularity of indoor, active ranges to increase right along with gun sales.

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