WKYT Investigates: Seized guns - sell or destroy?

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - What if the gun used to kill more than two dozen children and adults at a Connecticut elementary school turned up at a public auction? The reality is, if that tragedy had happened here in Kentucky, someone would have the opportunity to take it back out on the street. One prosecutor in our state wants to change that. WKYT investigates Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Larson's fight to get notorious guns destroyed.

"Killer guns, guns used in a homicide should be destroyed," explained Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Larson, "guns used to shoot a police officer in the line of duty or a firefighter in the line of duty should be destroyed."

Right now, guns police confiscate from crime scenes eventually show up at the Kentucky State Police auction. It's a sale any Federal Firearms License holder can attend.

"This is not a gun control issue. This is a victims rights issue," remarked Larson.

As a prosecutor, he certainly knows no shortage of victims and families wanting those guns gone. Larson tells us he's brought up the issue to legislators before and what happened at Sandy Hook is now pushing him to bring it up again.

"In Kentucky, that AR-15 that was used to shoot those 26 innocents in Connecticut, if it happened in Kentucky that AR-15 would be sent to the state police to be auctioned."

When Ray Larson first met with state leaders to talk about this issue, he says they told him it wouldn't pass, And they wouldn't pursue it further. He's not letting that stop him from trying again.

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