WKYT Investigates: Strangers watching what you "like" on facebook

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Many soon-to-be college graduates are looking for jobs, but they might not know employers are getting very private looks into their lives.

Even if you keep strict settings on Facebook, your page likes are always public. You can get a lot of information on what TV shows, organizations, even businesses people link to their profile.

"I'm part of the Student Activities Board, so if we have events and stuff I post it on my page to let my friends know, 'hey we have this event,' to come out to it," explains UK student Raven Robbins. She is, admittedly, very strict with her privacy settings on Facebook.

"I don't want people to creep through my photos and stuff because you do have some creepers that are on Facebook. I do get messages from people that I've never met before in my life."

Robbins says she doesn't always check the pages she likes, and she's certainly not alone. What a lot of people like Robbins don't realize is that absolute strangers, maybe even a potential employer, can see what you like.

"Facebook seems to be the one where people think they can say and do whatever they want," notes UK's Assistant Provost for Career Education Francene Gilmer, who recommends students take a close look at their profiles, "be professional, and don't put those type of things that would be considered controversial or have an adverse affect on employment. Things like heavy partying or explicit use of words, profanity, things like that should never be out there in the public view. We really do have to be careful with what's going out. Facebook is monitored by some employers, particularly when they're about to make an offer."

Privacy settings on Facebook will allow you to keep you own posts and photos to a friends-only status.

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