WKYT Investigates: Ticket sellers not following rules at Rupp Arena

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Earlier in the week we told you about the warning Lexington police sent out to basketball fans in town for the NCAA Tournament - beware of scalpers!

Police promised us they'd crack down on the ticket wheeling and dealing around Rupp Arena, but as WKYT found out, pushing scalpers off property didn't seem like a priority.

They were out in large numbers Thursday, the first day of NCAA tournament play at Rupp Arena, but we watched as an officer on a bike rode past a woman clearly trying to sell tickets. She was standing right beside the Lexington Center, where sales are not allowed. We talked to Lexington Police Spokesperson Sherelle Roberts, and while she couldn't comment on this specific incident, she was quick to reassure us they have stepped up efforts to curb illegal sales. Right now, though, the number of sellers downtown is more than they're used to.

Lexington Police did end up citing a ticket seller Thursday for receiving stolen property. They say he got his hands on another man's extra tickets and tried to sell them as his own.

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