WKYT Investigates: Baby monitor hackers

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Laura Triplett is a working mom. She has two daughters, Caroline is four and Scarlett is nine months. In the three years since Caroline was a baby, technology used to monitor a sleeping baby has changed dramatically.

"We had voice monitors," Laura said. "And they had just come out with video monitors." So when Laura needed to head back to work after Scarlett was born, they considered a new option: A way to see Scarlett when Laura wasn't home.

"As a way to make myself feel better, my husband had the idea of looking into a Wi-Fi camera. So if I felt uneasy during the day, I could check in on her," Laura explained.

Since Scarlett was born, stories have surfaced about hackers targeting parent's most precious possessions. Hackers have been caught not only looking in on, but talking to babies through the Wi-Fi monitors.

"It's all about being connected to the Internet," said Steve Hamrin with Hartland Computer Repair. "Any device you put on the Internet is essentially at risk. Somebody could try to crack into it."

Hamrin checked out the Triplett's monitor and said it was as safe as they come, since the manufacturer of their Motorola camera forces buyers to create a unique password when the camera is first installed. Hamrin said good passwords are one of the keys to locking up who's looking.

"I saw some research recently where 20% of web cams just use the default name and password," Hamrin said.

Hamrin also said to make sure you always have the latest firmware for your camera. He said as soon as manufacturers find a hacker, they will update the firmware.

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