WKYT Reality Check: Deadliest jobs in Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Kentucky Labor Cabinet is releasing a report today listing the deadliest jobs in the state. Today is Workers' Memorial Day honoring those who've died on the job.

Shawn Boone was 33 years-old when we he died. He left for work one morning and ended up taking his last breaths in a hospital burn unit later that day.
"They took him to a burn unit and we had time to drive up there and at least say goodbye," Boone's sister Tammy Miser said.
She says an explosion at an aluminum plant where he worked caused his death.
His death prompted Miser to become an advocate for those who have lost loved ones in workplace accidents. She runs United Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities which offers support to those who've lost loved ones in workplace accidents.
"They just never dreamed they were going to go to work, and they're providing for family members and they just don't come home," Miser said.

The Labor Cabinet found construction work is the deadliest job in the state with 21 deaths in Kentucky since 2011.
Landscaping and tree service workers are second with 16 deaths in the past three years.
Truck drivers and maintenance workers both had seven deaths. Mechanics round out the top five with six deaths.

"It's an opportunity for us to bring recognition to some of the most dangerous jobs within the Commonwealth," Secretary Larry Roberts said. "we want to make sure employees and employers recognize how important it is to be safe in those industries."
Roberts says pointing out and drawing attention to those jobs that can have dangerous outcomes is the best way to stop workplace death.
"Never should you lose their life to earn a paycheck," Roberts said.

There were a total of 90 workplace deaths in Kentucky since 2011. The leading hazard was being struck by an object. Falls were the second most common reason for death.

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