WKYT Investigates: 'Great Divide' over redistricting & home sales

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - WKYT has been visiting Fayette County redistricting forums for the past couple of months. Mostly the forums are full of parents putting in their preference of where the new district lines should fall But last week's forum, the final one until later in the year, held several realtors.
"i think any information we can get to help our clients is beneficial," explained broker Diana Fields.

Fields said her clients are a little hesitant about purchasing a home right now, since school districts rank among one of the top few reasons people pick a certain home. "Very high, probably neighborhood is the first question and the second question is about schools."

"It's just the fear of the unknown and people want to know if I buy this house, where will my child go to school?" said longtime Lexington broker Bonnie Mays. "What they are doing is they're hesitating, they're waiting."

Unfortunate timing for realtors, though. Mays said the home market is hot right now. But the uncertainty of where the district lines will be drawn is drawing down the number of buyers. "They are waiting to see where the new lines will fall before they commit to a new home."

Fayette County Superintendent Dr. Tom Shelton said the hesitation isn't necessary for most neighborhoods. "There will be a whole lot of neighborhoods that won't even be affected by this redistricting. A whole lot of neighborhoods."

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