WKYT Reality Check: Grocery stores fight for lowest prices

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Attention shoppers! There are more choices for where to buy your groceries than ever before! They range from the traditional grocery stores to big discount stores to upscale, specialty stores.

So where do you get the best bang for your buck? Over the past month, WKYT went shopping for answers.

When you're trying to stretch every last dollar or wanting the best ingredients to put on your family's dinner table, grocery shopping can be a real sport. Kentucky's second Trader Joe's opened in Lexington last summer. Just last month, a Target in town started serving up more fresh food. Don't think market leader Kroger is sitting back - it's super-sized more stores into one-stop shop marketplaces. With such a variety of places to shop, who's selling for less than the rest? WKYT visited seven different stores. Our first stop - the newly renovated Target off Nicholasville Road. They just expanded their grocery aisle to include fresh vegetables and fruits.

"Most stores in general, I feel as though they're a little bit the same," explains Deborah Morris, the woman in Lexington known for savvy shopping, the Fru-Gal, "I live a savings lifestyle. I live my life saving money."

The Fru-Gal says sometimes convenience outweighs small savings. Target, Walmart, Meijer, and Kroger differed by just pennies on bread, bananas, apples, and milk.

The three stores that stuck out to us, with a majority of higher prices on the basics were Traders Joe's, Fresh Market, and Whole Foods.

"We're not comparing apples to apples. When you look at our organic milk, in trying to compare that to maybe a more traditional grocery store, as something that's bottom price off the shelf, again it's not apples to apples," notes Kelly Anne Beile, who speaks for and shops at Whole Foods, "not only is our produce department so inviting, I firmly believe it's the best produce you'll find in town. Our organic options, our support for local farmers, it's all very prevalent."

"There's a lot of ways to save money and still eat healthy," says Morris, "because you never know what's gonna be on sale when you walk into a store and you have to be flexible. You know if the chicken's marked down then you have chicken for the night. You got to be flexible, what's on sale, and plan your meals around that type thing."

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