WKYT Reality Check: LEXPARK's new cameras are catching violators

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a problem Lexington parking authorities can't curb - dozens of offenders aren't paying up. The city has now helped design brand-new technology to catch them.

"Each morning I upload a new hot list of cars that have outstanding tickets, so as I'm driving by that's the cars it's looking for. Those certain license plates," explains Russ Music with LEXPARK.

He's describing a license reader, connected to cameras that scan every line in sight. No matter what side of the road you're on, even if you're in motion, a LEXPARK meter reader can check your plate. If you have at least three outstanding parking tickets, it'll know.

"And right there's a hit. This Volkswagen. It says that they owe $90," notes Music, pointing out a car in a downtown parking garage.

It only took Music a few minutes to call a fellow employee over to help put a boot on the violator's car.

"We might do one a day before we got this system. Now we do at least three a day," says Music, "I think if people know that we have the camera system working they may go ahead and pay their tickets instead of getting the boot all the sudden."

It's too soon to tell how much the technology's paying off for the city, but LEXPARK already believes the license reader was a worthwhile investment. They're booting drivers who in the past, have been able to escape their meter readers.

The cameras can also remember license plates and their location, and will alert a LEXPARK driver if a car is parked in a time-limit zone too long.

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