WKYT revisits eyesores, finds some changes

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Dozens of emails and calls were coming in to the newsroom last year with what viewers called the worst eyesores in town. We visited counties across Central Kentucky to bring them to you, and now we're visiting them again.

Weeds and legal issues have taken over the mobile home park we showed you last year on Athens Boonesboro Road in Clark County.

"They have mowed it once last year and once this year. All the trailers are still there, and I don't know what's going on. They say it's under contract to somebody, but they've said that for two or three years now," described a neighbor of the park who didn't want to be identified.

Closer into town, the old building on the Guerrant family's property is now gone in Winchester.

In Lexington, many of the Pennington Place apartments are gone too.

"They tore some down completely, but most of them they've just gutted them and rebuilt them on the insides," said Pennington Place neighbor Brad Simpson, "it'll help. Be a lot better than it was."

300 at the Circle, a new apartment complex, is set to open there next month.

We revisited the home sitting on American Avenue, abandoned. We found it still empty, with notices on the front door.

Stephen Price's home on Rucker Avenue in Georgetown was especially popular with viewers when we aired a piece on his property. His home and yard look the same today.

"I just go on about my business and the law is on my side," noted Price, who recently filed a continuance in court to stay in his home, and keep it the way it is.

"Those exemptions are exemptions from zoning codes, exemptions from nuisance ordinances and exemptions in the case of KRS 198B. It's an exemption from the uniform Kentucky building code if the structures are used in connection with horticulture, as are mine. And so, I am relying on these exemptions."

Price's neighbors claim he's been fighting zoning codes in the courts for several years. They don't expect changes on their street soon.

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