W.Va. chem spill co submits plan to demolish tanks

MGN Online

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - The company at the center of a chemical spill into 300,000 West Virginians' drinking water has submitted plans to demolish its facility.

Freedom Industries on Wednesday sent the state Department of Environmental Protection plans to decommission its Charleston tanks.

Freedom is under state orders to start deconstructing its facility by Saturday. It's unclear when Freedom will finish.

The plan says Freedom will hire a demolition contractor. The company anticipates no costs or a small profit from sales of scrap metal and equipment.

Most chemicals have been removed, except for liquid at the bottom of some tanks.

Freedom is undergoing bankruptcy proceedings and winding down business operations. The company is trying to find jobs for its 51 employees.

The Jan. 9 Freedom spill contaminated nine counties' water for days.

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