Walgreens to add new safes at Kentucky pharmacies to deter robbers

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Walgreens is getting a new tool to fight crime. The company plans to use time delay safes at all pharmacies in Kentucky and Indiana.

The safes secure commonly used controlled substances usually targeted by criminals. Once a pharmacist activates the safe, it will remain locked for several minutes. This allows pharmacists access to a limited number of pills for prescriptions and keeps the full store inventory of pills locked and inaccessible.

The stores will also add signs to warn any would-be criminals that time lock safes are in place. Walgreens stores already use surveillance cameras and other crime prevention strategies.

Walgreens say it has seen a significant decrease in robberies in other places where they've installed the safes. They're currently used in Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

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