'Walk for Warmth' raises money for Lexington's homeless

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Around 200 people met at Triangle Park on Saturday morning to support the Lexington Rescue Mission's 'Walk for Warmth.'

"A lot of people provide help and services to a lot of places that they see on a daily basis, but they don't see homelessness on a daily basis," says Brittany Hendrix, a participant in the Walk for Warmth. "So we like to bring attention to them."

Each year, the organization works to raise money for their Homeless Prevention Program. It helps families in crisis keep their lights on throughout the year.

Officials with the Rescue Mission say there are as many as 1400 homeless in Lexington on any given night. So, this program aims to make sure no one else adds to that number.

"People that are getting help in this program are everyday people," says Natalie Cunningham, Public Relations Coordinator at Lexington's Rescue Mission. "We don't understand that we are a step away from homelessness at anytime."

Over the course of two miles, walkers were led through vastly different areas downtown and that was for a reason.

"Hopefully people that come today will be able to see how quickly neighborhoods change from very affluent to barely getting by in our city," Cunningham says.

Hendrix says, "We often times walk through some of the less affluent neighborhoods, places where you will see lots of homeless folks, so that they know that we're here to help."

To learn more about the Homeless Prevention Program, visit the link in this article.

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