Walmart 'embarrassed' over online video from Kentucky store

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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Walmart says it's embarrassed over an online video from inside a Kentucky store.

It shows employees throwing iPads in the air and slamming them on the ground. And then they give a message to Walmart shoppers.

The video turned up online via Facebook, Youtube, and consumer websites.

It comes just a week and a half before the busiest, most important time of the year for retailers.

In the video, the employees actually reference how many iPads they have tossed like frisbees throwing them on the concrete floor.

After WKYT alerted Walmart's corporate office to the video posted online, they sent us this statement Friday night.

"We've seen the video of several nightshift associates destroying merchandise in the back of our store in August and, as anyone can imagine, it made us wince. We are also embarrassed," written by a Walmart spokesperson.

The retailer also says the associates seen on camera no longer work for Walmart.

A spokesperson for the company went on to say, "Since this unfortunate incident, we haven't received any returns of this merchandise. We stand behind our merchandise and our associates work very hard to take proper care and handling of the products we put on our shelves."

On Youtube, the video has already received more than 300,000 views.

We've attached a link to the video on Youtube above.

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