Warm winter day breaks cabin fever in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Sunday's warm up certainly was a welcome one in Lexington.

We've had classes and school cancel, businesses close, and roads not fit for driving all this week because of the snow and ice. And when the sun finally made an appearance Sunday afternoon, people in Lexington soaked it up.

People like Brandi Quilliam and Nicholas Godfrey took their kids to Jacobson Park. It was their way of fighting the cabin fever they've been experiencing all week with school out in Lexington for five days straight.

"We had a long day in yesterday and a long day of shoveling our driveway, so I figured today the kids could use a day out and since it was so nice," said Godfrey. "The park is right up the street, so we decided to check out who's out here and check out the snow and check out the ducks."

But the warmth is short-lived, and WKYT's meteorologists predict it'll be back to below zero on Monday.

"That's a big change in weather for sure," said Godfrey.

"That's why we're here," said Quilliam.

Much of the snow we got over the weekend did have a chance to melt, so people hope that'll ease travel pains.

"When it's good weather, we try to come out and take advantage of the good times," said Godfrey. "You can have good weather one day and bad weather the next day."

As of now, Fayette County schools are still on for Monday.

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