Warmer & windy weather perfect conditions for brush fires

ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A red flag warning is in effect for parts of southern and eastern Kentucky today.

The low humidity coupled with strong winds is the perfect breeding ground for brush fires.

The National Weather Service is asking people to refrain from any outdoor burning to help prevent wildfires.

The Estill County fire department, which battled a 30 acre wildfire just last week, is spreading the word about the red flag day.

Despite the recent rain there's still a lot of dead vegetation on the ground and that's perfect fuel for any fires that should begin to spread.

"The ground still has a lot of water in it and stuff but this wind, it only has to blow for about half a day and it dries everything out," said Chief Derrick Muncie. "We've had several grass fires and some wood fires even right after the rain."

Chief Muncie is asking people to postpone any burning they have planned until conditions change.

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