Watchdog has never requested contract reviews

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Ky. Rep. Dennis Horlander is supposed to act as a watchdog over state government contracts, but a records review by The Courier-Journal found that he has never asked for a review of a single contract.

Despite that, the Louisville Democrat has been paid extra for his role as co-chair of the General Assembly's Government Contract Review Committee over the past four years.

The newspaper reported this month that Horlander's salary of $46,000 was 30 percent higher than that of the next highest rank-and-file member.

In a written statement, Horlander said his main role is to oversee committee staff, help committee members get information and encourage new members to request contract reviews.

Horlander's co-chairman on the committee pulled some 600 contracts for review over the same four-year period.

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