Water customers asked to conserve in Garrard County

GARRARD COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A major inconvenience in Garrard County after a water line was found broken Monday morning. People there, especially in Lancaster and Crab Orchard, are going to have to boil their water at least until Wednesday night.

The break was found after crews noticed the water pressure in the system had dropped dangerously low. The loss of water calls for conservation and a state-mandated boil water notice. The crews found the broken pipe and repaired it, restoring pressure around three this afternoon, while the supply is back up to 50%, the problems aren't over.

"The water is not safe to drink, it is not safe to use for cooking. You must boil your water first. Bring it to a full boil and boil it for five to ten minutes, we're saying ten minutes just to make sure it's safe," the Deputy Director of the Emergency Management Agency, David East, tells us.

If the water is consumed without being boiled, East warns it could cause some digestive trouble, which is why he and others encourage people to be diligent in boiling the water or simply buy bottled water for drinking.

As you're boiling your water, something to keep in mind is other appliances in your home that may use water like ice trays that you made need to throw out and start over once the boil water notice is lifted.

The boil water advisory will be lifted once the state is able to confirm their water samples are safe. That notice is expected to continue into Wednesday night.

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