Wearable baby monitor to hit stores in March of next year

SAN FRANCISCO - Touted as the "world's smartest baby monitor," an app-based, wearable monitor is set to be in stores starting March 2015.

According to Mashable.com, the Sproutling baby monitor was invented by former Google and Apple employees as a way to monitor a baby's vitals and provide insight on an infant's sleep patterns and moods.

The monitor will adjust to a baby's habits so it can alert parents to any abnormalities.

Made of a machine-washable, hypoallergenic band, the monitor can be charged via its wireless base station, and uploads all information to an app on your smartphone.

The app uses data to predict anything from the baby's mood to when the baby will wake up from a nap. Access to the app can be granted to parents, babysitters, and other approved caretakers. The app will also alert parents to any sudden, drastic changes in their baby's vitals, or if the baby rolls over.

The Sproutling can be pre-ordered online for $249, or bought when it goes to stores for $299.

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