Weather-related wrecks tie up Lexington roads

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Commuters had a tough time making their way into work this morning. Because of the wet roads a lot of accidents were spurred on by other accidents.

"Going down the road and a large, white Tahoe swerved into this road...Easthills or something...and I tried to avoid hitting it. Swerved, and I missed the Tahoe, and then I slid into the car in front of me. Brakes wouldn't stop me," said Karin Adams.

When we pulled up on the scene, we saw five cars with varying damage including Adams' car.

"I'm shook first wreck. So, yeah, a little nervous," said Adams.

Adams says several others and the police who responded told her it could have been a lot worse.

"Luckily I had my seat belt on, but it was the rain. I just slid into it," Adams said.

Some tips from the traffic management with caution. And give yourself plenty of room between your car and the car in front of you.

None of the passengers or drivers involved in the collisions here near Easthills Drive and Man o' War Blvd. were seriously injured.

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