Weather takes a toll on the state's salt supply

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It has been a long and costly winter for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. State road crews have already used more than 400,000 tons of salt this winter, costing millions of dollars.

The Director of the Division of Maintenance says the state typically starts out the winter with around 280,000 tons of salt on hand, but this year's back-to-back winter weather events have put a big dent in that number.

So far, the state has spent more than $50 million on snow and ice removal, including the cost of salt as well as the cost of overtime for road crews.

There is about 80,000 tons of salt in stock statewide and we've used 410,000 tons so far this winter. Putting this winter in second place over the past several years in terms of the amount of usage statewide. And the most recent round of snow and ice only furthered the state's diminishing salt supply.

"In this case we had a severe event that hit the entire state, the numbers are not completely in yet because we still have crews out working now but I would expect that we probably used anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 tons of salt statewide this past weekend," says Jon Wilcoxson, Director of Division of Maintenance.

The director is confident however that as long as there are not too many more weather events, the remaining salt supply will be enough to last through the end of winter.

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