Weather-weary drivers tired of slick roads

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) It's to the point where Edward Bell just groans when he thinks about driving on another slick road.

"I'm tired of it," he said.

He's says he's fed up with the white-knuckled moments that seem to play out time after time when he's behind the wheel.

"You have to really watch what you're doing, you have to really pay attention. The roads are icy, there are a lot of accidents," Bell said.

He says before he could become the next driver on the side of I-75, he pulled over at a rest stop in Scott County and waited for two hours for the roads to improve.

In the 12 hours after snow started falling, Lexington police say there were 20 accidents and about 20 other drivers who also had trouble staying on the slippery streets.

In Madison County police say three 18-wheelers jackknifed on slick roads.

Scott County police say they also had a few accidents and about half a dozen cars slide off the road.

Road crews say most main roads are drivable and they're trying to clear the patches of ice and snow that are still on the road.

Road officials say there was a point where their salt supply was critically low but they say since then a few shipments have come in. So they now have 800 tons of salt, which should be enough to last the rest of winter.

A winter that weather-weary Bell is ready to put in his rearview mirror.

"Come on summer!" Bell said laughing.

Police say two people have been injured in accidents - we're told they aren't seriously hurt.

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