Website claims to know if someone died in your house

Hand over keyboard of the laptop in server room

A website,, claims to let you know if a life ended where you are living. It's popularity has sky-rocketed. The site has gotten almost 300 thousand hits from different computers in the past two weeks.

"I think this effects people in the paranormal community," said the site's owner, Roy Condrey. "It also effects people that may not believe in ghosts that won't invest in a home or live in a home that has a stigma."

All a site visitor has to do is pay a minimum of $11.99, type in an address, and a list of those who have died in the home should appear.

"The seller is not responsible to tell potential buyers that there was a death in the house." However, realtor Trey McCallie says if a listing agent or seller is asked the question, they have to tell the truth.
"If I'm the listing agent and I'm representing the seller and I'm asked the direct question, 'Did this man pass away in the house?' I have to answer honestly but I don't have to offer that information."
So this site fills a need to know, if you want to know.