Weeklong water woes in parts of eastern Ky.

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The latest wintry blast will arrive about a week after we dealt with bitterly cold weather. And thousands of Kentuckians continue to deal with water shortages caused by water mains that broke in the extreme temperatures last week.

Floyd, Johnson, and Perry Counties were especially hard hit with Perry County having to cancel school again Tuesday because there's no water.

The arctic air didn't stick around for long last week, but people in eastern Kentucky are still feeling the effects of it.

"Everyone should have water and a way to bathe and brush your teeth and be clean when they go to school," said Betty Cook, with the Southeast Volunteer Fire Department in Floyd County. "It's not fair."

"We've not had any water to wash dishes or laundry or anything," said Jessica Click, who is without water in Johnson County.

They're calling it week-long water woes, and people in Floyd County have even gone eight days without running water.

"You have to heat water to wash dishes with, you have to heat water to try to wash your children off because you can't bathe them. You have to heat it to cook with. I mean it's a daily struggle to try to heat this and heat that. It's ridiculous," said Jessica Jarrell, who is without water in Floyd County.

And over in Johnson County more than 1,000 people are still without, as water crews with Paintsville Utilities work to fix main and individual lines that broke because of the frigid temperatures.

"We had over 400,000 gallons of water go through that one meter," said General Manager Eric Ratliff, with Paintsville Utilities. "We've had a couple that's had over 200,000 go through just that one meter and individual household meters."

The same issues are happening for folks over in Perry County where projects to better the water system have been put on hold.

"We're moving from one tank to the other tank, we're filling all the lines and making sure there's no leaks or anything like that. And if there is a leak, we have to shut everything off, fix the leak, and go right back and try to do it again," said Fire Chief Sam Stacy, with Hazard Fire Department.

They all need one key thing to move forward: running water.

The Floyd County Health Department in Prestonsburg has been offering showers to anyone without water there. And the Pavilion in Hazard has been doing the same.

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