Weeks later and crews still investigating cause of strip mall fire

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Fire crews are busy tearing down part of a strip mall in Lexington that was damaged by a fire just before Christmas.

The Family Dollar and a neighboring Mexican restaurant off West New Circle Rd. were destroyed and while there was no one inside at the time, firefighters say the flames were so intense that a fire truck was damaged in the process.

Now, weeks later, it's still a process of sifting through the charred remains to get to the root of what happened.

A fire investigator on scene Friday said they'll try to figure out whether or not the fire was set intentionally.

They say that strip malls can easily collapse whenever there's a fire, so they always have to treat them differently than other structure fires.

Another reason why crews had to demolish the strip mall is to make it easier for firefighters to get in and figure out exactly what caused the fire.

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