West Liberty feels brunt of weather again

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WEST LIBERTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The snow has come to an end across the Bluegrass leaving white patches where it fell.

While most of us only saw a coating from the winter storm, parts of eastern Kentucky picked up as much as four or five inches.

We visited West Liberty where the snow fell as people are still recovering from a deadly tornado more than nine months ago.

People in West Liberty are no strangers to severe weather after tornadoes hit in March followed by snow two days later.

And for the first snow of the season, these couple of inches are nothing they can't deal with.

Signs of Christmas and changes are everywhere you look in a town still with much to do.

"It's nothing compared to March. It's just a blessing that we've lived through it," said Amber Mayberry, who was born and raised in West Liberty and still lives there today.

What the tornado outbreak left behind is once again covered with snow, but that's not all eastern Kentuckians are left with.

"We all watch the weather channel and the news a lot more than what we would've ever paid attention before the tornadoes," said Mayberry.

And the icy road conditions aren't what these folks say they are worried about.

"The wind was so bad that I called my dad and asked if it was supposed to do anything major. I mean it's just made me more alert because it's scary anymore," said Mayberry.

Three inches of snow isn't all they will see this winter season, but they say it's a good start with Christmas right around the corner.

"I would love to have a white Christmas. I would love for my kids to be able to get out and sleigh ride and have fun like I did when I was a kid," said Mayberry.

Salt trucks are preparing the roads for when the temperatures drop overnight possibly freezing over what's left on the roadways.

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