West Liberty marks one year tornado outbreak anniversary

WEST LIBERTY, Ky. (WKTY) -- In West Liberty, the community was forever changed when a tornado tore through Morgan County, killing six people, and one who later died from injuries.

Hundreds of folks from across the state came out to Morgan High School Saturday to reflect on just how far the community has come since exactly one year ago.

The mood was far from somber during Saturday's memorial ceremony.

"When you're here today you're going to see a mood of happiness," said Morgan County Judge Executive, Tim Conley.

Despite the fact that on this day last year most of the small town of West Liberty was reduced to rubble after the historic tornado hit.

"It was very hard its been very hard but we have come a long way," said Conley.

Many of the homes have been rebuilt, and many of the businesses recently reopened but they say their town will never be the same.

"It'll just take time," said Conley.

Many folks told said its important to focus on the future, instead of dwelling on the past

"The theme for me at day one has always been keep a balance and always remember, but always move forward and I think that's the theme that's coming out of this today," said West Liberty resident Melinda Cantrell.

Today is yet another example of Kentuckians continuing to triumph through tragedy.

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