Wet weather causes historic building to collapse in Lincoln County

HUSTONVILLE, Ky (WKYT) - An emergency contract clean-up job was ordered here Monday, when the weather finished what began as a legal battle between the city, and the Hustonville Haunted Hause owner last February.

“The owner fought it as far as he could. The state fire marshal ruled in our favor,” said Hustonville Mayor David Peyton.

Part of the Hustonville Haunted House collapsed last winter and old U.S. 127 beside has been closed ever since.

“The roof wasn’t properly flashed over the edge of the brick. That allowed moisture to get in behind the brick.The freezing and thawing loosened up the mortar,” said Peyton.

Then about 6:30 Sunday night nearly the entire building came down.
“You always hate to lose a historic building in town but there’s no way the city or property owner could get the building up to code,” said Peyton.

An attorney representing the Hustonville Haunted House says they are thankful no one was hurt…they say they wanted to repair the building, now that’s a moot point.

City officials wanted the building demolished long ago but the property owner’s insistence on repairs kept the issue at a standstill for months. Now….the mayor believes lots of wet weather created an outcome in their favor.

“Just the added weight, the water logged wood; plaster soaking up the moisture. It all combined to bring the building down,” said Peyton.

The emergency contract was also ordered in attempts to save further damage from being done.

“And it is in a precarious position. If it came down to the south, it would take out another man’s building,” said Peyton.

In recent years the century old building housed the haunted house, before that it was a restaurant and drug store.

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