What Insight customers need to do for Time Warner transition

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Insight Communications will soon transition to Time Warner Cable, which will require some action for customers who use Insight for telephone or Internet service.

Time Warner completed acquisition of Insight in February 2012.

"This was a private business deal, but the city wants to make sure Lexington residents who use Insight are aware of the transition to Time Warner," said Roger Daman, telecommunications liaison for Lexington.

Beginning Monday, June 10, Insight telephone customers will need to record a new voicemail greeting and set up a new phone password.

The following week, beginning June 17, Internet customers will be able to complete a registration form to create a TWC account.

Cable television service will not be changed as part of the transition.

Customers should check their mail for instructions from Time Warner and go online to TWCwelcome.com for more information.

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