Whitley Co. woman recovering from pit bull attack

WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Whitley County woman is recovering from a pit bull attack. Police say the attack happened about 2:30 Saturday afternoon on Louden Road, about 10 miles east of Williamsburg.

Nellie Powers was walking to get some things out of a building for her garden when her son says the small dog attacked her. He says she suffered ten bites and a broken hip.

"It attacked her and knocked her down, She got it off enough to call me on the phone. I went over there to her. When I got there, it tried to attack me. I picked up a stick and beat it down pretty good so it could not get to us anymore," said Ben Powers.

The Whitley County Sheriff says the dog was also aggressive toward deputies, but no force was used against it. It has now been quarantined by animal control. Nellie Powers is at Baptist Regional in Corbin.

"It will take about 6 months before she can walk around on her leg again," said Powers.

Police say the dog's owner, Travis Fuson, has been cited for harboring a vicious animal.

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