Whitley County cemetery damaged by vehicles

WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A family cemetery has become a popular spot for off-roaders, now the man responsible for taking care of the property says it's causing damage to the ground and the headstones.

Wolf Creek Cemetery sits at the end of Devil's Creek Road. Hershel Morris helps tend to the graves of his family members.

"Some brothers, my wife, father in law, mother in law," he said referencing the relative who are buried

The rural cemetery has recently become popular, with people less concerned about the graves and more concerned about a place to drive their vehicles off-road.

Morris says he had been finding liquor bottles on the property but the final straw was last week, when he found tire tracks over his wife's grave.

"It really goes over ya, gives you a bad feeling," he said. "Wonder when I'm gone what they are gonna do."

Morris says this latest round of damage isn't the first time they've had to deal with someone coming to the cemetery and disrespecting those buried here. Years ago they came to the cemetery to find bullet holes in several headstones.

He's reported the latest mess to the sheriff, but plans to take matters into his own hands, once he's finished repairing the damage.

"We're gonna have to put a camera up here and catch them," he said.

He says the sheriff told him there would be patrols on the property in the meantime.

"These people down here, they ain't bothering nobody, they ain't gonna bother nobody, they've done all their gonna do and they need to leave them alone," he said.

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