Whitley County mother concerned about sexual abuse incident at state park

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - Signs warning people of possible dangers are all around at Cumberland Falls, but one Whitley County family questions if the real danger facing their family Saturday, was walking around.

“That’s when they seen the gentleman bending down, patting her on the butt,” said the mother of the girl, police say, was victimized.

We’re not identifying the family, but the woman says her 7-year-old daughter was laying on a park bench when Bryan Eidson, 22, grabbed her. Relatives saw it from a distance and say the man ran off when they yelled.

“Asked her, ‘what did he say to you? What did he do?’ ‘He was patting me on the butt and telling me I was a good girl,’” the girl’s mother said.

Police were called and Eidson was found on a nearby walking trail.

“He didn’t give a statement. This is some strange stuff. This is the first one we’ve had,” said Whitley County Sheriff Colan Harrell.

Bryan Eidson made bond Wednesday morning and was released from jail. His family says the whole thing has been blown way out of proportion, but said their attorney has advised them not to comment further.

Family and friends say the 7-year-old is doing fine now, but they’re concerned of what could have happened.

“She thought he was sick. He told her he was sick and he needed help to his car. She said, ‘God wants you to help people,’” said Misty Brown, a friend of family.

“This is a big charge. This is a charge that will change somebody’s life. I’m going to have to stand behind the officer,” said the mother.

Eidson was charged with sexual abuse first degree.

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