Sheriff: Father assaulted baseball coach

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WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Officials at the Whitley County Sheriff's Office say a player's father attacked a coach during last night's Whitley County High School baseball game.

"We just went down for a normal Tuesday night ball game," said Larry Crusenberry, who has a son on the team.

The last word you'd use to describe what he says happened at the game, though, would be "normal".

"You know the old saying, you go to a fight and a hockey game breaks out, but you don't expect that in baseball," Crusenberry said.

Crusenberry said he was sitting near William Asher when Asher became upset. Sheriff Colan Harrell says it was because coach Kyle Adams decided to put a pinch runner in for Asher's son.

"He said, 'Well I'm going down here to have a talk' and he went right on down the steps and into the dugout," Crusenberry said.

Crusenberry said it was no simple talk. He said he saw a commotion. The sheriff says Asher shoved Adams, then put him into a headlock.

"My concern was with our boys' safety. I've got seventeen sons in that dugout," Crusenberry said.

Crusenberry said the players stopped the fight. Deputies arrested Asher and charged him with assault and disorderly conduct. Crusenberry says the incident highlights the need for changes.

"The access into the dugouts, I feel like they need to be gated. That stops some of them at that gate and maybe in that instant they'll think before they just charge on in," he said.

School officials say the coach is doing fine.

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