Whitley police brutality complaint settled

WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky (WKYT) - On May 5th the Whitley County Sheriff’s office had a roadblock set up at Red Hill and Keswick Roads. Police say Delbert Bray didn’t stop….and turned around to get away. He was chased…but his family claims after he was caught and handcuffed, he was dragged out of the car…thrown down and beaten.

“I believe because he wouldn’t tell who was driving the car….they beat him. He was stomped. You could tell by his body,” said Ruth Elswick, Delbert Bray’s sister.

But before the federal lawsuit could be filed, the case was settled.

Whitley County Sheriff Colan Harrell says he disagrees with the settlement and he says to this day, he stands by the conduct of his deputies.

“He (Bray) fell on the gravel, the deputies told me he had marks on him prior to him stopping there,” said Sheriff Harrell.

Harrell says Bray, who has since died of cancer, never complained to him and his family never questioned him about the deputies. He says he learned of the allegations from an attorney…who through the Kentucky Association of Counties (KACO) made the settlement.

“I didn’t agree to this settlement. I told the attorney for the insurance company that I want it brought out, if my deputies done anything,” said Harrell.

Attorneys are not releasing the amount of the settlement, but Bray did initially ask for a half million dollars.

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