Widow of Comair Flight 5191 victim testifies before NTSB

She lost her husband in the crash of Comair Flight 5191.

On Tuesday morning, Lois Turner talked about her loss, and took her story to federal authorities in hopes of bringing change to the way airlines operate.

Lois Turner's husband, Larry Turner, was one of the 49 people who died in the crash near Blue Grass Airport in August 2006.

She joined others in Washington, D.C. Tuesday to talk about how code sharing arrangements impact aviation safety.

"Code Sharing" is basically a marketing arrangement in which one airline places its designator code on a flight operated by another airline, then sells and issues tickets for that flight.

In the case of Flight 5191, a flight that was actually a Comair flight was sold as a Delta Connection flight.

In another instance, 49 people died on a flight out of New York billed as a Continental Airlines flight, when in fact, it was operated by Colgan Air, a little known regional carrier.

"Code Sharing" means you could buy a flight thinking it's operated under certain safety standards, and actually fly with a company that doesn't operate under those same rules.

One of the goals of the meeting was to establish better ways to share safety information between the airlines, and then pass that information to consumers.

During the two-day symposium, the group will address, in the event of tragedy, the role each code sharing airline will have with family assistance.

Lois Turner shared her experience after losing her husband.

The National Transportation Safety Board estimates more than half of passengers flying in the U.S. this year are on regional airlines, almost all of which are involved in code sharing arrangements.

Delta is the largest carrier out of Lexington, and every Delta flight out of Blue Grass Airport is a code sharing flight, that is, in fact the case for most flights out of Lexington.

The symposium is scheduled for both today and tomorrow.

You can watch the live webcast from Washington, D.C. On the NTSB website at ntsb.gov.

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