Wife accused of killing husband in his sleep

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STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) - Lincoln County Sheriff Curt Folger says this crime hits close to home for him.

"Dave was a good guy! He was raised here in this county, he was a hard worker. Nothing bad about him. He was just a good guy," said Sheriff Folger.

He says he's known David Richie nearly his whole life, but Richie's life was ended early this morning and he says Richie's wife, Tamara pulled the trigger.

"At the scene, it didn't look like there'd been any kind of altercation at all. Mr. Richie was in the bed," Folger said.

In fact, Folger says Tamara Richie shot her husband while he slept at their home on New Lane in Waynesburg, then called her sister.

"She had told her sister that she needed to turn herself in about what happened," he said.

Deputies arrested Tamara Richie earlier today, since then, the sheriff told WKYT, she hasn't said much.

"You just wonder why...That's a question that has not been answered. Do I know it will be answered? No, I don't know if it will be or not, but hopefully there'll be some kind of conclusion for both families," said Sheriff Folger.

Folger said Tamara Richie is the sister-in-law of former Lincoln County Judge Executive R.W. Gilbert.

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