Wife asks for '1000 cards' to encourage husband battling cancer

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CYNTHIANA, Ky. (WKYT) - Life is full of ups and downs, and Frank and Lisa Poteet have felt them all.

"The last five years, I mean you try to get ahead of that," started Lisa, who five years ago lost her 16-year-old daughter Kayla in a crash. "It's the worst pain there is."

That hits hard, but for the Poteets the hits kept coming.

"My husband has esophageal cancer," continued Lisa, "It's such an aggressive cancer."

That was a year ago, and the doctors gave Frank three to five years left to live. He even had surgery that removed the majority of his esophagus and part of his stomach, which sent Frank's weight dropping fast. No matter what he's done to keep his weight up little has worked, leaving him to wonder, "Have I got months to live, now? How do I prepare my family?"

"He said 'I'm not afraid to die. I know I'll be with Kayla. I don't want to leave you all, I'm scared to leave you, but I know I'll be with her,'" said Lisa.

For Lisa, it's a struggle to see her husband, whom she calls her "rock," wear down in this fight for his life.

"He just kept getting setbacks and setbacks," she explained, so she got an idea from her mother that might help keep Frank's spirits high. "How about people sending cards to Frank."

It was going to be a simple gesture among family and close friends, but after a recent let down at the doctor's office, "I decided to push it. I was going to name it '1000 Cards for Frank.'"

The push went to Facebook, and that began spreading fast.

On Wednesday the secret was let out, just in time for the first wave of cards.

"We've received about 18 or 20, so far. We just started getting them in," grinned Frank.

"My heart was just busting open with joy," Lisa beamed.

In one card, it was written:

"Frank, we have you on our mind always, I cannot imagine what you're experiencing but have faith in my God that his healing hand is upon you," later writing, "You have friends, here at work, who care deeply about you and wish you healing."

"He didn't know how to act, so he was sitting there savoring every one of them," described Lisa.

The cards have come from friends, family, and even strangers.

"By her doing this, it really has just lifted my spirits and makes me want to dig my heels in that much harder and just fight, not only for myself but for everybody else that's pitching in to support me," said Frank.

Another card sent to Frank read, "Frank, I thought that you should know that we care and are praying for your full recovery. Keep the faith!"

If you'd like to send Frank a card you can mail it to:
Frank Poteet
1606 Dutch Chapel Road
Cynthiana, Ky 41031

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