Lexington police: Woman calls 911 after husband shot in back

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A man was shot in the back early Saturday morning in Lexington, according to police.

Investigators tell us it happened near Georgetown Street, where Saturday evening a group is holding a block party at Douglass Park to stop the violence.

Police say they found the man around 3:30 a.m. on Blackburn Avenue after someone fired gunshots at a nearby bar.

We’re told his wife called 911, saying he had been shot.

"She kept yelling call the police, call the police,” remembered Faith Harders who lives on Blackburn Avenue.

Ethan Weaver rents out a home in the area, he said, "We hate for something like this to happen. We brag about this street as being a nice place in the middle of downtown."

Harders tells us she's lived on Blackburn Avenue since 1984. She believes this year has been the community's most violent year.

She tells us her home was even hit by a bullet back in January. The bullet hole still scars her a wall in her living room.

Officers tell us they are searching for a group of three to four men in connection to Saturday's shooting.

Investigators believe they shot the man but they say they don't know why.

Police tell us one of the shooters is from Detroit.

We’re told the man who was shot has non-life threatening injuries.

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