Wild turkey breaks in Frankfort liquor store

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - A bizarre break-in caused quite a commotion Thursday morning at a liquor store in Frankfort.

At first, the clerk thought a gunshot shattered the front window. It turned out an intruder barreled through the glass, and that's when the clerk got another surprise.

It's not your typical burglary suspect and still no one knows exactly what he was after. But one thing is for sure. He made a grand entrance.

"I would say like a bullet because I definitely thought it was a shotgun," said Amy Abney, an employee at Red Dot Liquors. "Oh my God! A turkey! How in the hell did a turkey get in my store?"

It was an actual wild turkey, not the tamed kind they sell at Red Dot Liquors in Frankfort.

"I think it's kind of ironic considering that he came in Red Dot, and we sell bundles and bundles of Wild Turkey," said Abney.

Busting through a double pane glass window, the turkey amazingly only broke one 13 dollar bottle of wine. But for what? Obviously not to steal something.

"I guess he came in full force. I've never seen a turkey fly, so I don't know how," said Abney.

Why would this animal dive bomb itself through this store window? We don't know! Maybe it took the Wild Turkey slogan literally, 'giving them the bird.'

"Not since I've been here nothing like this has happened!" said Abney. "I mean I've had weird stuff happen, but it's people not animals. He put a spin on the name Wild Turkey. That's for sure!"

As for this turkey's fate, he won't be visiting Red Dot Liquors again. Sadly, he was seriously injured and died soon after.

Store employees say they hope in the future that the only Wild Turkey coming through their store are the ones in bottles.

We asked animal control where this turkey could have come from. They say they aren't sure yet but that an incidence like this is not uncommon.

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