Wild wake-up call for neighbors near Fayette Mall

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – An unusual visitor caused a stir in Lexington neighborhood after a group of cattle got loose near Man o' War Boulevard.
Some cattle were also spotted near Dunbar High School.
It wasn't the snow or ice that surprised Richard Hornback when he woke up Wednesday morning.
It was the sight of a huge bull roaming his neighbor's yards.
It came through one neighbor’s backyard and barreled across the street into another yard.
You could still see fresh hoof prints in the snow hours later.
Lexington police were even called out to the home on Monticello near Fayette Mall because of the disruption.
Hornback says he watched as officers shot the bull.
"There's still blood over there you can see,” he said. “They had to put it down before somebody got hurt. "
Lexington police say they ended up shooting two bulls for public safety reasons.

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