Fire in Pigeon Forge at first contained, now out of control again

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WKYT) - A wildfire in a popular tourist area has burned nearly 150 acres and destroyed thirty cabins. Firefighters believed they had the fire in Pigeon Forge under control, but it is now threatening a dozen more homes.

WKYT is hearing from a Kentucky woman who barely missed being evacuated from the area.

"The cabin that we stayed in was Melody's Mountain View, and it was gorgeous, beautiful little area, tons of cabins, and it was just a really nice weekend. Beautiful weekend, sun was shining, it was warm down there. Even on Sunday it was warm and sunny," explained Pigeon Forge vacationer Ronda White.

White and her ten girlfriends left their cabin in Pigeon Forge Sunday morning, just hours before a wildfire started spreading and hundreds of people started evacuating. The fire is believed to have started at Black Bear Ridge Resort, a log cabin rental community.

"We were like, oh my goodness that's exactly where we were staying and it was just kinda surreal to think that we had just missed the big fire."

White and her friends are grateful their trip wasn't cut short because of the fire, but their worry now lies with those who had to evacuate and those fighting the flames.

"We're still in shock because we were just there and we're just so thankful that we did and saying prayers for the people who are still there who had to be evacuated because there was tons, there was church groups we saw tons of church vans that were there with their kids that weekend, and there was a lot of people, a lot of visitors were packed in those cabins. A lot of people had to be evacuated I'm sure."

So far there are no reported injuries from the fire. Authorities say between 150 and 200 people had to be evacuated.

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