Williamsburg Police arrest three for government check fraud

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) – Wal-Mart workers knew something was up when they kept seeing the same people wanting to cash large U.S. government checks.

That was Monday, but Wednesday night the trio returned and the clerks smelled a scam and called the cops, especially when they noticed something peculiar in the ID’s they were using.

“It has a black male’s picture on it. But a female’s name,” said Williamsburg Police Chief Wayne Bird.

Police later pulled over the SUV they were driving and found loads of evidence.

“In plain view in the vehicle the officers could see the government checks and what appeared to be numerous identification cards,” said Chief Bird.

The checks were printed in Kansas City, and given to a private contractor. From there they ended up at a distribution center in Atlanta. Now the question for investigators, was someone there not on the up and up and making sure the checks got in the wrong hands.

The case has caught the attention of the U.S. Secret Service and Postal Inpsector.

“We feel like it’s probably been happening for a long time. Possibly a larger group of individuals,” said Bird.

Police say the trio was also seen cashing checks at Wal-Marts in Tennessee and Georgia.

“Just traveling I-75, hitting Wal-Marts cashing checks, making return trips to Georgia,” said Bird.

But now they’re sitting in jail, where they are expected to face some serious federal charges such as mail fraud.

The suspects were identified as Keyon L. Felder, 22, Jamilyn V. Hinton, 19, and Maurice Shuler, 23, all of Atlanta, Ga. They’re facing a total of 43 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument.

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