Winchester family starts new year with burned home

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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - A family is forced to start the new year by starting over. Their Winchester home burned Tuesday morning when the family wasn't home, but most of their belongings are gone.

That family is getting a rough start to the new year after their home burned, but firefighters tell us thankfully the family wasn't home when the fire sparked.

Just six hours into 2013 and already the family living in the home will have to start the new year in a new one.

A neighboring home just feet from the fiery window was left unharmed.

"Fire was coming out of what we consider the 'b' side of the building, and my first head engine went ahead and started their attack and put the fire out," said Battalion Chief Byron Schroedel, with the Winchester Fire Department.

The flames you could see from outside the home were coming from the window of the family's living room where fire officials say the fire started.

The inside of the home is severely damaged and unlivable, something fire officials say is an example for others to remember to practice fire safety this new year.

"It's pretty sad," said Battalion Chief Schroedel. "It reminds me to make a statement to make sure your smoke detectors are working. If they would've been home and had a working smoke detector, then it would've allowed everybody to get out safely. The fire department believes in that."

Firefighters checked the home for hot spots while investigating what could have caused this fire when the family wasn't home.

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