Winchester father says son robbed and attacked him

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - A Winchester man says his own son attacked and robbed him. Richard Warner suffers from COPD and only has half a lung.

He says he was sleeping when a man broke into his house, grabbed a pillow and started smother him. He tell us the man also stole his medical debit card. When the man left, Warner was shocked to discover he recognized the culprit.

"I seen him when he left, I know 100% that was my son," Warner says.

Warner says his son ended up getting $600 off the card.

"I hate to even press charges, but I know he done it," Warner says. "I didn't think my son would ever done it ... he stole money off me before, but he never robbed me like that."

Warner says the robber has left him with conflicted emotions.

"I love him. I want him punished for it. If he'd admit it, I'd say let him go but he going to wind up killing somebody or somebody going to kill him," says Warner.

Warner's son, Donald Warner, is in jail. We asked for an interview, but he said no.

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