Winchester gas leak forces several to evacuate their homes

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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - Crews from Columbia Gas spent hours working to stop a leak after someone reported smelling gas inside their home on Holiday Road.

"I got out when they first got here," said Jordan Marlowe, who had to be evacuated from his duplex because of the leak. His place was one of three duplexes to be evacuated while crews worked to find and stop the leak.

Columbia Gas says the problem went unnoticed until the gas worked it's way back into one of the homes where a resident smelled the odor and reported it.

"We've smelled gas a couple of times and reported it to them and they are hopefully going to fix the issue," said Darrin Marlowe, who owns one of the duplexes, and said he's smelled that odor before over the last few months.

Now that the problem is being fixed, he said this break could've been an even bigger concern.

"Yeah it's a little concerning but I'm glad they're here glad they're taking care of it."

Jordan Marlowe added that he's happy it's being fixed because he has a pregnant wife and worries what the fumes could have done, "I haven't really noticed it inside the house my wife noticed it several times."

The crews continued to trace the line searching for the break and they say once it's found they can make a quick fix. Still, Columbia Gas says this is not a widespread threat, and they feel confident that they have they've isolated it to just these three homes.

The gas was only cut off to the three affected duplexes.

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