Winchester man arrested after calling 911

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - The 911 call Winchester Police dispatchers received Monday night started like many others.

"He's still selling pot and he's driving around like no other and I just don't see how that's possible," said the man who called them.

The call was a tip to police about possible drug activity near Wabash Avenue, but when the dispatcher asked the man to identify himself he paused, and then gave the name of a sergeant with Lexington Police.

"I'm a sergeant in the Fayette County police department," he said.

"You're a sergeant for the Fayette County police department?" the dispatcher asked.

"Yes," the caller responded.

"Fayette County doesn't have a police department, they have a sheriff's department," the dispatcher continued. "They have a police department but it's not the Fayette County police department. Are you Lexington Metro?"

The caller told the dispatcher he was. Police say they had received a similar call two days before. During that call the man identified himself as James Douglas Combs.

The caller Monday night gave the same phone number James Combs had provided during his call on Saturday. Police say dispatchers recognized the voice and alerted them. They arrested Combs Tuesday and charged him with impersonating a peace officer.

Police say Combs admitted he made the call and he said he was a sergeant because he didn't believe he would be taken seriously otherwise.

Winchester Police wouldn't comment on any possible investigation into the tip Combs provided.

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