Winchester police solve 12-year-old cold case

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - It was a cold case for nearly 12 years. Police say they've arrested a woman for a bank robbery in Winchester that happened in December of 2002.

Winchester police charged 41-year-old Samantha Rice with robbery.

"We spoke to the bank employees that were still employed with the bank and were working that day, compared it with what we had from back then with what we have now and were able to secure an indictment on Ms Rice," explained Captain James Hall with Winchester Police.

Captain Hall says the Powell County Sheriff's Office helped them crack the cold case.

"They had an anonymous source that had given them information that they knew an individual that was involved in this bank robbery from 2002," noted Hall.

The Powell County Sheriff arrested Rice in Clay City, and deputies escorted her to the Clark County Jail. Now, police are searching for the man involved in the robbery.

"There is another individual that we have an indictment for and we believe that individual is out of state at this time," Hall said.

Rice has been charged in the past with theft, drug charges, and failure to pay child support.

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